Ring Closing Piercing Pliers New

Ring Closing Piercing Pliers

Ring Closing Piercing Pliers

Very handy tool serves both as ball closure pliers and bending tool. 

This tool is crafted in 316L Medical Stainless steel and completely autoclaveable


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Made of strong and durable 316L surgical stainless steel, these large ring closing pliers are designed for tightening large captive bead rings. These are a necessity for piercers who frequently deal with very low gauge piercings. After inserting the new piercing ring, pliers such as these are a necessity for closing the ring enough to insert a captive bead.

Large ring closing pliers with a captive ring in them

Step 1: Gather the tools needed for the job, listed below. Ring closing pliers won't always be needed when inserting a ball into a captive ring, but you should have them on hand in case you stretch your captive ring too much with the ring opening pliers and to help when working with heavier-gauge rings.

Step 2: The ring closing pliers shown here can be used if you open a traditional captive ring too far, are changing ball sizes, or are generally changing the size of the opening in a captive ring. Place the ring in the grooves of the ring closing pliers, as shown below. Begin to apply a small amount of pressure. Once the gap is slightly smaller than the ball you'll be placing in the ring, set the ring closing pliers aside.

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