Ring Opening Piercing Pliers New

Ring Opening Piercing Pliers

Ring Opening Piercing Pliers

Medical grade surgical stainless steel ring opening jewellery pliers.

Small - opens internal diameters up to 19mm
Med -  opens internal diameters up to 22mm


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These high quality ring opening pliers are used to open ball closure rings with ease. Produced by the experts at Pierce Artist, you can be sure that these supplies are a truly professional standard. When dealing with tricky items of piercing jewellery, it is important to ensure that you always have the proper tools and instruments to handle the situations. Pierce Artist are dedicated to providing the right kind of training and education to ensure that the proper steps and processes are always carried out during both the preparation and piercing procedure. They are committed to providing the tattoo and piercing industry with quality, professional and in depth training packages to help professional advance their skills and keep up to date with the latest health and safety guidelines, as well as the rising trends in the world of piercing. Their training modules have been specially designed to help the individual gain a truly professional knowledge of the piercing technique, as well the history of the piercing industry and associated culture. These specially designed ring opening pliers are ideal for use in the piercing procedures as they have non slip grooves, especially useful for rings of a large gauge.

Captive Bead Ring Opening & Closing Tools Insert ring opening pliers into the captive bead ring.

Step 1: Gather all the tools you need for the job. Here's a list the tools in the picture above, for easy reference. These tools can help you insert and remove captive beads from their rings:

(Only the 1st 3 items above will be needed when opening a captive bead ring, but it's best to have all tools listed handy since both opening and closing pliers may be needed in the same session. Click any of the names above to shop for that type of tool, or visit our Piercing Supplies section.)

Step 2: Slide the captive bead ring over the tips of your ring opening pliers so that the ring rests on the grooves in the nose of the pliers. Gently squeeze the handles together until the captive ring is secure and not moving around.


Use your ball grabber tool to grasp the captive bead while the ring is over the opening pliers and held securely in place.

Another view of the captive bead ring over the pliers, with the ball grabber tool grasping the captive bead to remove it.

Step 3: Expand the teeth of the ball grabber tool so that they grab hold of the captive bead. As you still gently squeeze on the ring opening pliers, slowly apply pressure with the ball grabber tool until the ball becomes loose and falls out. Since the ball grabber is holding the ball, you don't have to worry about losing the ball.

Note: Do not squeeze too hard with the ring opening pliers. This will distort your ring. Only a small amount of pressure is needed to release the ball.

Immediately above is another angle showing what you should be seeing as you hold the captive bead ring in place with the pliers and grasp the bead with the ball grabber tool.


Captive ring with the bead removed

Captive bead ring, ball grabber, and ring opening pliers

Step 4: At this stage, the ball is out of the ring, as shown above. Now, release the pressure on the pliers and hold the captive ring so it doesn't fall as you remove the pliers.

As you see in the image above, the captive ring retains its shape if you apply minimal pressure when removing the ball.

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