Tattoo Training Fee Structure -

  • 2 weeks course Fee: Rs.51000*
  • 1 Week course Fee: Rs.30000*
  • 2 days course Fee: Rs.15000
*includes a full set of professional tattoo equipment (For 2 Weeks & 1 Weeks Course)

  •  Accomodation Charges not included with fee stracture
  •  Cost is payable by CASH only.
  •  We do not accept personal checks, credit or debit cards.
  •  We do not offer any payments, work exchange, grants, discounts or scholarships.

LAT Student Info -

  • You must have drawing skill
  • After Sucessful Training we give you certificate of trainining (Minimum 10 Tattoo Required)
  • Our class is a hybrid vocational class featuring both online and in person components; basic familiarity with computers and the internet is needed. 
  • Students must be adults 18 years or older.
  • Students must be With vailid ID and Address proof
  • LAT uses plain english enrollment contracts to protect both parties and spell out each party’s responsibilities.

How To Enroll

  • Email 10 pieces of hand drawn original art to us.
  • If  we think your talent indicates tattooing would be a good fit, we will invite you for interview
  • We will administer a live drawing test at your interview.
  • If both parties feel the program is a good fit, we will sign enrollment contracts and you must pay your deposit to hold your place in class.
  • Once formally enrolled, you will be issued text books, art supplies and other materials needed to complete training

In Person Hands On Portion of Tattooing  Practical Fundamentals

  • The school supplies practise supplies, medical supplies and tattoo equipment.
  • Students must supply their own people to tattoo meaning they must recruit people willing to volunteer their skin and get a tattoo from the students. We teach methods to do this but students must be very self motivated to get volunteers.
  • This portion of the class is conducted in person only.

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